Chy Lowen Nursery has undergone a huge transformation in order to create a warm and welcoming environment for children to learn, laugh and thrive!


In the very beginning we had to create the structure for our nursery. We found a space that we could modify and create our own. With the help of builders, electricians and plumbers we were able to change a building into a structure that would eventually evolve into the nursery we have today. We had two different ground floor rooms, however these needed to be connected. Therefore, a doorway was put into place to create an access between them.

We also had to create framework in one of the rooms to separate ourselves from the dance studio next door.


We wanted to create an outside area that combined the ideas of a place where children could express themselves, play and have fun but also a place which is tranquil and where children can learn. The first job for the outside was to put in the support posts in order to create a fence that that enclosed the area an ensure the children’s safety. Once the structure had been created the area was designed to make an exciting but yet homely environment.


The entrance to the nursery, whilst only being a small area, is one of the most important areas as it creates a very welcoming first impression to the nursery. First the framework was built, followed by the plasterboard and then finally the decorative finishing touches.


A lot of hard work went into creating, designing and furnishing the nursery rooms. We have two different rooms, The Cove and The Bay. We wanted to design them so they created the perfect environment for children to feel comfortable and learn all the skills they need ready for when they start school.


The staff area is located above the nursery rooms. We wanted to give the area all of the essential tools needed to operate the nursery. We created an office space for the admin side of running the nursery. Additionally we created a kitchen area where meals can be safely prepared for the children.